Hey, Was I Just Talking About Commericalism?

Oh, gee, little old me. I was just discussing commercialism for you, and, lo and behold, one of the best examples pops up on my screen, boldly declaring, “WordPress Blogger Gets $300,000 Advance!” And, what topic, you might ask, does it take to strike the fancy of Random House, these days? What White People Like is the stated topic.

What’s my rant on this? There is no redeeming literary merit to this blog, unless one thinks that linking to every product and/or service “white people” might buy is a feat worthy of Faulkner. Imagine the follow-up books! I can hear the folks in the Random House sales conference suggesting, “We can have all kinds of spin-offs on this! What Black People LIke. What Yellow People Like,” says executive A. “Wait! We can’t call them yellow! We have to call them ‘Asian,’ for Pete’s sake!” says executive B. “Oh, now you’ve messed up my idea train! Well, we can stick with the Black and White themes. You know, ebony and ivory. It’ll work. We’ll think of a way to market the other races in our next meeting.”

See what I mean? Hey, don’t get me wrong. I have published commercial non-fiction for moolah at Stone Magazine, for example. However, my article was about modern technology and its effect on the public, not about how white people buy stuff! Hey, but that’s what our commercial publishers want, don’t they? “Like” is commercial code for “Buy.” Get it?


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