My Novels are Quite “New”

I published my first work with a “major” publisher, Harcourt-Brace, but I have never received once cent of royalties for a book that’s still selling (originally published internationally in 1996).  Thus, I am now one of the growing list of “independents” in America.  We are growing because the corporations attempt to screw us over, and we are rebelling.  Thank God, the Internet keeps us working!  We all know that those big publishers and corporations are attempting a take-over of the last stronghold of our independence, but we can fight back.  I hope you’re with us.

With that in mind, please visit my “independent works” to make a statement against the corporate types.  These works are independently created, edited and sold.  That means you’re getting fiction that’s not been regurgitated in sales meetings into baby pablum for the masses.  It means an actual writer with talent has been given the freedom to use his complete imagination (what a concept).  If you don’t like the books, so be it.  The public is, in fact, the final arbiter of all.  However, you can rest assured that my work has not been made “politically correct” in order to please an “invisible customer.”  To me, that makes a book (or film) of today worth its weight in gold (hey, have you seen the price of gold lately!).

  • Lucifer’s Wedding (my first independent novel about a police woman in San Diego who is marked to be the bride of Satan–tough job, but someone’s got to do it!).
  • Russian Wolves (my next novel that was inspired by the world’s heavyweight serial killer, Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo).
  • Sins of Darkness (my political thriller that came about because I interviewed Dr. Martin Schorr, the psychologist who believed Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was a Manchurian Candidate).
  • Iron Maiden, an Alternate History Novel (my latest Civil War story about the inventor of the U.S.S. Monitor and his attempt to escape war by taking his little troupe to Easter Island).
  • The President’s Parasite and Other Stories (a collection of award-winning short stories that break the bounds of commercial pap).

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