Gay Marriage Ban Overturned in California

I now have another reason to be proud I am a Californian:  the California Supreme Court has overturned the ban on gay marriages.  Gay rights are civil rights, and now a lot of kind, creative and normal people will be fortunate enough to experience marriage in its full, economic sense.  For, after all, even with all the problems they were experiencing, gays were in love and living together.  The civil rights, however, were what they were after, and I am overjoyed they can join the married brigade.

My first published fiction came about because of a gay zine owner of the now defunct (yet still excellent)  Sean Merriwether saw some talent in my stuff, even though I was completely “out there” with theme, and he really gave me the writing confidence I needed at the time to continue my writing.  I now hope he and his New York lover can finally make the move to California and get married.  I know he wasn’t able to do this earlier, but I am happy that he can now do this, and he will totally enjoy our “relaxed atmosphere” here in the sunshine state.


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