John McCain’s New Political Ad: Vote for White!

If I were John McCain’s political advisor, I would convince him to run on the “all white” ticket against Barack Obama.  Here’s the way my ad would run:

Show an aerial view of the White House with the voice of an authoritative male talking over it as the camera pans above.

For over 200 years, this house has been white, with white people in it.  Why change history?  John McCain has white hair, a white face and he thinks white.  That’s why you must, for the good of the White House, vote white on election day!  Besides, a black man in the White House would scare people.  His dark face would clash with all the white folks’ decor and tradition.  Never, ever has there been a black face in the White House!  Vote white!  Vote John McCain for President!

John McCain

Oh, you don’t think McCain will go for my ad?  Just watch the ads that come out of Karl Rove’s toolbox.  He’ll create some that will make my ad seem honest in comparison.  Osama, I mean, Obama in his traditional Muslim dress?  Obama riding on a camel?  Obama spliced into the Obama Girl songs?  Get my drift?  My ad is tame next to the real ads that will be coming down the pipe.


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One response to “John McCain’s New Political Ad: Vote for White!

  1. kapnasty

    Haha sounds like you’ve been learning from the Karl Rove play book. One thing, instead of saying there has never been a black face in the White House, I’m sure they will say: “The last time there was a black face in the White House it was from a slave who was building the White House. The precedents already been set the only black faces in the White House are slaves and servants. Vote McCain. White. 2008.”

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