Satire not popular in 2008?

Actually, despite what some people may think concerning my “white ticket” for McCain piece, I am a Democrat, and I will vote for Obama.  It’s just that I don’t think many Dems know how far these Repubes will go to win.  God help Barack.  He is in for it.



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2 responses to “Satire not popular in 2008?

  1. Shane

    Yes, I’m afraid of what the republicans have up their sleeve as well. The fact that it is black vs. white (and could have been man vs. woman) gives the republicans an edge, because there will always be ignorant bigots who vote based on color.

  2. I see som many people who fucus on the race issue amongst white voters. Nothing is ever said about the fact that nearly 90% of black voters have voted for Obama. It seems that there are some black bigots out there too!

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