Controversy Over “Fireman” Story at The Writer’s Eye Magazine

The editor had an interesting blurb about my story at “The Writer’s Eye.”  I’m kind of glad it has stirred up some controversy:  it was meant to!

“A quick note about Efraim Z. Graves’ story, ‘The Fireman.’ Living in California, as I do, with all the wildfires currently raging throughout the state, I was tempted to pull the story from publication. It’s a story that’s almost too close to home. Yet, it’s a good read, and we have to remember that it’s fiction. The premise of the story is not, in any way, a reflection of this magazine’s opinion: we greatly appreciate the men and women of paid and volunteer fire departments throughout the state who brave personal injury to save lives, properties, and the wild. Enuff said. Happy reading!”


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One response to “Controversy Over “Fireman” Story at The Writer’s Eye Magazine

  1. Hi Jim,
    The banner looks great on your blog here. I hope you like it and it was a pleasure to do it for you. I tried to paint some metaphors of the material that Donna gave me and I think, together, we hit a home run! I wish you great success in your writing.

    Steven Clark Bradley

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