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Suleman Sells Herself as Baby Machine Reality Show!

I never thought I would see the reality of Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World come to fruition, but now I have seen it all. It looks like Ms. Nadya Suleman-Guttierez is going to rake-in at least two million dollars for her story as told to Oprah, and there are a number of media whores biting at her bid for a reality TV show based on her single parent life with 14 children.

This woman does not deserve these accolades, but after I remember what Capitalism represents, it all begins to make sense. Modern Capitalism is the brave new world. Ms. Suleman represents the modern capitalist in all his/her glory. She used her body to create an instant, drug-manipulated reality show! She is no longer one of the poor, huddled masses, yearning for freedom, she is an entrepreneur–with all the media graveling and whimpering at her ethnic beck and call. “Come to my womb! Worship this miracle of technology! Woman is all! Hispanic women no longer have to be persecuted by impudent, sexist overlords! They can have all the rug-rats they want–to hell with a world economic crisis, overpopulation and starvation. While our new President’s relatives in Kenya have to burn to death trying to salvage oil to sell on the black market when a commercial tanker sinks off their coast, Ms. Suleman simply has eggs planted in her uterus and, voila! She’s an instant goddess of consumerism!

Ever wonder why they sell sex, motherhood and male potency drugs so much on the Capitalist market? They want us to have as many sexual relationships, children, and consumer frenzies as we can possibly have! This woman represents a metaphor for the new generation of politically correct Capitalism in the brave new world of Democrat pseudo-Liberalism.

Let me give you a quick compare-contrast study from my own family history. My daughter, God save her soul, has done hard time in California’s prison system (the good old Oprah Club’s population has more people incarcerated than any other country in the world) for starting a meth lab business in her house. Yes, she was a welfare “Mom” back before the Clinton Administration brought us “Workfare.” She was making money off her kids, all fourteen of them at last count, but then the government “tit” ran dry, so to speak, and the State took away all her children and distributed them, willy-nilly, to all these strangers. Today, my daughter is an addict and single mother, but she is not getting her own reality show. I wrote a short story about her plight and not even the literary fiction markets will have anything to do with this kind of reality! They all, I must admit, want the Nadya Single Mother Baby Machine Story–not the real story of women like my daughter, selling themselves to drugs, to the fantasy of America without “entrepreneurial enterprise.” Agreed. The big-time drug cartels make a lot of money, as do the big-time Capitalist media moguls. In an absurd, Aldus Huxley way, they’re both in the same business. They want us to get “hooked” on consumerism and baby machines (politically correct baby machines), and they don’t look at the dark side of the equation:

  • What if Ms. Suleman intentionally rigged her body with these little peckers to get instant fame and sponsorship by the major networks?
  • What if the media turns on her? Will she become, like my daughter, an instant druggie? I caused the “dysfunction” in my family by leaving my wife, and my daughter became an addict. Too bad she didn’t know about the real way a single mother makes it in this society.
  • What if America and the rest of the world see this Suleman story as something to be emulated? Baseball heroes pumped with hormones, single mothers pumped with ova, non-believers pumped with street drugs–what a life in America!
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