Don’t Look Now, George Orwell, But Swine Have Become Politically Correct

Ever since the flu epdemic hit Mexico and now the world, there has been a battle between the political elite (e.g., the Obama Administration and the Felipe Calderon Administration) and the Truth.  I stand behind the Truth.

President Obama recently called the Swine Flu, “H1N1,” and this is now the politically accepted term for the media to use.  Wait a minute.  Is there no connection between how the industrialization of pigs for human consumption relates to the disease we are now experiencing as a possible world-wide pandemic?  The Truth of the matter is that the politicos want to protect the businesses that contribute billions of dollars to the fading economy, and people getting the flu just gets in the way of business as usual.  The Pork Industry is crying out loud for some respect.

However, the reality of the agri-slum businesses has been reported by animal rights activists and health activists for many years now.  The conditions in the pork producing plants in Mexico have been an atrocity waiting to happen.  In simple terms, when you pack pigs together with the people who slaughter them, you’re going to have diseases that “hop” from animal to human.  The real danger is the fact that when humans and animals become fixated in a life and death struggle, the microbes seem to be the ones who rebel and put everybody in danger.

Look at all the recent research that shows how dangerous viruses have become due to their ability to adapt to any kind of vaccine treatment.  Professor Lvov of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences says this type of virulent influenza develops because of the close proximity of humans and animals, “When this happens, different types of viruses may interfere within the same host organism and exchange with their genetic material. Such events create new types of viruses with new characteristics. This is exactly what happened to the swine flu virus in the Western Hemisphere,” said the specialist.

Is President Obama calling for a world-wide “clean-up” of the meat production industries described so well in books like Fast Food Nation?  I have not heard one major media report on the dangers of other diseases that are spread by “swine,” namely, trichinosis, actinomycosis, and swine fever.  These diseases are not the flu, but they are perhaps even deadlier.  How many people must die before the Truth behind the deceptions of the agri-business profiteers are exposed?  Are these slaughtering and virus breeding plants being shut down now in Mexico?  How about in North Carolina and the other pig farming states?

Write your congress and demand to know the truth and get some action to clean these pig farms up before it’s too late.  What will the next plague be like?  I hope it’s not too late to stop it.


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