The Diagnosis: Dire

Okay, I’m going to give my “last gasp” lecture on why we should have a single payer health care system or face dire consequences in the near fture.  I am going to use logic in my argument, so I hope it does not offend my American audience.  We seem to have lost our ability to reason when it comes to emotional issues like health care for human beings, due to the naked truth that we, as a country, seem to philosophically stand on the idea that public health care should not be “public,” that is, government-run, and that health care is a privilege not a right.

I believe health care should be a right because, quite literally, bad health care affects us all.  For example, what if, God forbid, we were to experience an outbreak of mammoth proportions that was killing millions of people?  With our present health care system, the government control over how and when any kind of vaccine, cure, or large-scale ability to assist the public in such a disaster is almost nil.  That’s because “big government” has become an anathema in this country.  Nobody trusts “gubment,” as Ronnie Ray-gun used to call it.  Well, guess what?  Microbes, bacteria and viruses don’t care which health care system we have.  However, they are able to spread and kill much easier if we are separated and into our own money-making schemes.  I hate to tell all of you, but that’s just the way our so-called health care is today:  separate, money-making schemers who only care about where they get their money and not about if people are healthy and “cared for.”

With socialized medicine (there, I’ve said it!), any national epidemic could be much more easily coordinated and treated because we would all be working “on the same page,” so to speak.  Government control (hey, I was in the military, and my father, a Pearl Harbor survivor, worked for the Fed for 30 years) gives one the ability to keep a consistent supply system and focus on health care, not health profit.  For example, China (even with their human rights violations) was able to assist its earthquake victims much faster than, say, California (my home state) would be able to.  God forbid that we in California get the “Big One” any time soon!  I can see millions of people dead in our California cities because of the screwed-up priorities in Sacramento.

So, government control provides the much-needed focus and consistency that our present “profit-centered” system does not.  How can Obama and other congressmen want to slip a “little government plan” into the mix of other profit-making insurance company plans to choose from?  My liberal friends think people will “rush to join the public plan.”  Well, get a clue!  If we don’t all support a major public, socialized plan at the outset, no kind of teenie-tiny public plan will ever work!  Why?  Let me give you a little analogy.  Let’s say I’m a country doctor who runs a clinic in a small American town.  If a “big profit-making medical hospital” comes to my town, all they have to do is use their insurance company friends and pharmaceutical company buddies to lower their costs to patients long enough to run me out of business (kind of like what Wal-Mart has done in the merchandizing business).  Then, when I have either joined their “cause” or moved out of town, guess what?  The prices will creep back up to where they’re again making their outlandish profits at the public’s expense.

In America, right now, it’s the public hospitals and emrgency treatment centers, like Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital in Los Angeles, that are getting shut down because they can’t make enough money to serve the “poor” clientele.  The big profit hospitals, however, just keep getting bigger and richer, however, at the public’s expense!

The costs will keep rising, we’ll keep spending on war, and our health will keep getting worse, not better, unless we all get on the same page for once in our lives.  Oh.  I suppose we all go to the same grave, so what’s the difference?  Pay now or pay with your life!  That’s right.  I’d pay the taxes of Sweden if I thought we could get what they have.


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