More People Die from Prescription Drugs than from Car Accidents

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently reported that people are “accidentally” dying from drug overdoses more often than by car accidents.  If I can wrap my small mind around this properly, this means that even with the new technological distractions of cell phones and texting in the cars, drugs are still getting the upper hand on the human species.  Why?  Simply put, people are trying to turn their brains off (or, at least minimize the pain), so they “mix and match” a wide variety of totally legal drugs.

The most monstrous effect, of course, is that the person who dies from this overdose was simply trying to “ease the pain” of 2K life.  This is a life where 1% of the wealthiest Americans control over 95% of all the wealth (and the folks who foolishly make it for them).  Michael Moore’s latest documentary, and his best, Capitalism:  A Love Story shows just how depressing it has gotten in this sorry country of ours.  Can you imagine if 32,000 people died of some virus in a year?  There would be all hell breaking loose trying to provide some vaccine to stem the “world pandemic.”  However, just because people are “buying” their drugs legally and then killing themselves, everything’s just right as rain.  Could it be that the drug manufacturers are part of the one percent of the wealthiest?  That’s right!  With nearly seven million people in America who abuse prescription drugs (Michael Jackson included), you simply add the 20 million practicing alcoholics and you have a really sick society on your hands.

Watch TV today and you will see a multitude of pain medication ads.  Many doctors are literally on these drug companies’ payroll, and if/when you ask for this drug, they are more than happy to prescribe it for you!  In fact, they’ll get a kick-back that’s totally legal and hassle-free.  Pay attention to those long “disclaimers” in the ad.  They are there to protect the doctor and the drug company for when you overdose and don’t die but decide to sue them instead.

So, don’t believe that the evil “druggies” are your pot-smoking teens and gang-banging ghetto types.  No, they are your next-door neighbor, who’s a lawyer, a housewife, a teacher and a policeman.  Their numbers are increasing every day because it’s all legal, it’s all condoned by the capitalist system, and nobody’s doing anything to address the problem because, as Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”


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