For Once, Let’s Question Authority


Major Nadal Malik Hasan was born in the state of Virginia, but he was of Palestinian descent.  His parents were immigrants and he was a Muslim.

Before all the conspiracy folks get started and revenge plots get hatched, I wanted to discuss the fact that the United States Army may be at fault in this scenario.  Why?  Major Hasan was given a commission by the Congress of the United States as an officer.  Not only that, but he was also given the responsibility as a Doctor of Psychiatry to counsel PTSD “survivors” coming back from war in the Middle East.  If one adds all these ingredients together, then one can begin to see why the officials in charge should be questioned and perhaps the policy of the military should be changed to prevent such disasters in the future.

Not all governments do things the way the United States does.  The British, for example, did not send ethnic Jews in the military to fight in the Palestinian uprising in 1948 because they would be forced to kill their own kind.  This is called “respect for ethnic identity.”  Why would the U. S. send a man with roots in Muslim culture to a theater of war against his own people?

In addition, Major Hasan was a specialist in counseling PTSD soldiers who came home from that war.  He had to use drugs and hypnosis to allow these soldiers to “confess” the horrendous acts they committed, often against women and children, and this all must have worked on the Major’s subconscious.  It is reported that he argued regularly with fellow officers about how we should not be in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Shouldn’t this have been a “red flag” to his superiors that this doctor was not processing information correctly?  No, he received his orders, and he was all set for deployment to this “nightmare” of his mind.  This seems completely ironic to me.

Instead of looking for conspiracies and terrorist cells, maybe we should be investigating the policies of the Army.  Look at all the suicides coming out of these wars.  Dr. Hasan had to face these kids every day and listen to their stories of killings and mayhem.  There has been no investigation of why and how men in battle have committed acts of atrocity on Muslims.  Even though we know there were memos circulated in the Bush Administration to the effect of giving combat military all kinds of “torture and search and destroy discretion,” not one member of congress has begun a hearing on why this happened and if “free fire zones” are still permitted in Iraq and Afghanistan and if soldiers are being forced to kill civilians by their superiors.

If Dr. Hasan lives, I hope his confession will shed some light on this problem.  Perhaps leaders will finally see that ethnic identify goes much deeper than patriotic fervor and that we should not be forcing human beings to go against their own moral principles for the sake of blood, glory and oil..


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