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Cronies at the Healthcare “Summit”

As I watch the so-called “Healthcare Summit” between members of the House, Senate and Executive branches of what has come to be known as the “government in exile,” I can’t help but recall that there is only one responsbility that these folks have:  “They spend our money.”

All of the Republicans shout, “Scrap the bills we have and start over!”

Most of the Democrats say, “Pass our heathcare reform to save money!”

However, since the public option has been scuttled by both parties, this entire exercise must be for the benefit of the “American Idol” Americans out there who want to watch people singing their songs in the hopes of getting famous.  Neither party is protecting Americans and their health.  Why?  Because without a socialized system (read:  government controlled system that provides a low cost, safe and rational care system) we will soon be on the road to overpriced and bankrupt healthcare for all but these government officials.  They refuse to give us what they have (a government-controlled system).  They refuse to even put on the table Medicare for all (a government-controlled system) or any kind of public option because the insurance industry is the “elephant in the room” (no pun intended).

Their brand of healthcare relies on the compassion of these private insurance companies to give us the best for the least cost:  it will never, in a billion years, happen!  Why? Because a private corporation has only one interest in mind:  to make a profit for their investors.  All of these senators, representatives and presidents, need these insurance companies to run their campaigns.  They don’t need us.

I do not hear about other countries’ systems in this “debate.”  Why not?  Many of them have had successful socialized medicine for decades!  Don’t they count?  Coudn’t they possibly have a clue as to how to set-up a government-controlled system that works for the best interests of the people?  No.  We hear nothing.  All we hear is discussioin about an insurance-mandated plan by pseudo democrats and “do nothing” republicans.  The Republicans are only protesting so they can look like the “good guys,” but they secretly know that they’ll win either way.  The insurance companies are the only ones making out in this scenario, and until the American people wake-up and kick all of these people out, we will never get a public plan that helps us all and does not feed the coffers of multi-national healthcare corporations and the lackies in Washington who work for them.

Therefore, unless we can get out of insurance hell, we, the real American people are doomed to failure and to death (at a much earlier age)!


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