John Kavanagh, Co-Author of New Anti-Immigration Law in Arizona Stands to Profit Heavily from Arizona’s Private Prisons

Whenever I see laws going on the books that “smell like Shakespeare’s Denmark,” I always follow the money trail.  WIFM (What’s In It For Me) applies to the co-sponsor, John Kavanagh, of the recent anti-immigration bill passed by the Arizona legislature.  There is no doubt, whether you agree with the goal of the bill or not, that being an undocumented alien would get you some prison time.  The federal law is not a criminal law, but this new state law criminalizes alien status.  How does Representative John Kavanagh benefit from such Nazi legislation?  Read this article that explains how Arizona wants to privatize all of its state prisons!   Here’s what a recent new release said about Kavanagh’s interest in selling state prisons to private interests:

House Appropriations Chairman John Kavanagh, one of the Legislature’s most vocal supporters of state asset sales, said he would like to see Arizona generate about $600 million per year until 2012 with the sale and leaseback of some assets and the outright sale of others. That, along with spending cuts, he said, could help the state bridge a looming budget deficit without resorting to the temporary tax increase that Brewer has proposed.

‘People who wish to not cut in ’10 forget that if we still have a large structural deficit in ’11 with only minimal stimulus money, and in ’12 with no stimulus money, we’re going to have a lot of grief ahead. So we need to cut and sell assets until the economy catches up with … the reduced budget spending,’ Kavanagh said.

Probably the most frequently mentioned proposal involves the sale and leaseback of state prisons. Five prisons in the state, along with one county jail, are already operated by private companies, and some lawmakers would like to see that model applied to other prisons in the state. Kavanagh said he assumes such a plan would be applied only to low- and medium-security prisons.

Arizona even wants to go as far as privatizing death row!  I can see all the poor “people of color” getting smoked.  People of color are already the most “terminated” population in federal and state prisons.  What happens when you turn it over to a corporation that makes a profit from executing people?
And these folks call President Obama a Fascist?  Shame on them!


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