Nightmare Sex Crimes Against the Disabled in California

If it hadn’t been for a computer nerd who was supposed to have erased a hard drive filled with 13 DVDs worth of the most perverse and criminal sex acts performed on helpless and poor women, then these animals would still be safely attacking others in their capacity as hired “caregivers.”

This, most likely, is the tip of the iceberg.  Why?  Well, when we examine the conditions of nursing care in the State of California, we see that the Attorney General in 2006 conducted an investigation and arrested the owners of one such facility and the conditions were horrendous.

These women (and many thousands of other poor and disabled citizens of California) are basically at the “mercy” of these owners because of inept laws and government oversight.  For example, how do workers get hired as nurse’s aides at these facilities?  What kind of background checks are done (if any)?  How are regulations that do exist circumvented?  With the cut-backs that are happening, where will these disabled people be in the future?  How will the State even give care to them, much less provide oversight and regulation so these kinds of incidents don’t happen again?

The Health Care Reform Act allocated some money to provide regulations, but California supposedly already has regulations in effect.  However, due to bribes and political influence, the nursing home owners often are able to slip past the regulations and set-up shop.

If you are placing a loved one in a care facility, be certain you do a thorough check of the place before you commit!   Sadly, many thousands of the disabled do not have family or other friends who are willing to do this footwork.  What happens to them?  They become unwilling participants in an ever-growing practice of inhuman treatment and even rape!  Call your congress person and have them enact stronger laws to regulate the nursing home industry before they become worse.


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