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Obama Got Osama but Who’s Protecting Your Mama?

Osama Bin Laden

Here’s a simple message from your Commander-in-Chief:

Terrorists = Evil

U.S.A. = Good

This is the message we’ve been getting ever since those passenger jets entered the Twin Towers in New York City.  However, what has not remained consistent is the law against these so-called “terrorists.”  For example, Osama bin Laden, as reported by our current president, has been “terminated with extreme prejudice” and his body was flung overboard by the CIA operatives leading a group of SEALS.

This operation had no approval from the Pakistani government (it was Top Secret).  The U.S. authorities do not have Osama’s body or even impartially verifiable evidence (i.e., DNA) that it was his body.  Why?  It only takes a swab from the mouth to get the requisite evidence and allow several NGOs to test it.  What reason do we have to trust the government?  They lied about Iraq and WMD.  The authorities tell us that he was dumped in the sea because they didn’t want his body to become a martyr to other terrorists.

They can’t show us his photo because it’s too “gruesome.”  Since when have American viewers been adverse to gore and violence?  What?  Please define “terrorist” for me, Mr. President.  I still haven’t figured that one out.  Is a terrorist only a member of al Qaeda and its “affiliates”?  I love it when the U.S. government uses that word in relation to al Qaeda.  It’s a typical example of our ethnocentric view of the world and other cultures.  It’s as if these groups were somehow a strictly defined organization, similar to one of our media outlets, like Fox News, with its “affiliates” in all the states of the union.

I challenge any American right now to do just a little research and “discover” that al Qaeda is not a hierarchical organization.  Indeed, the State Department keeps lists of such groups, and there are far many more terrorists groups that cannot be traced to any source, much less to al Qaeda, and these are the groups we need to worry about.   The fact is, a terrorist organization can be one person, as was the case with home-grown terrorists Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, and  Major Nadal Malik Hasan, the U.S. Army psychiatrist who slaughtered his fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood.

Therefore, what our president has done is open the box once owned by Pandora, and let out the terrorists so they can run amok.  I’m not talking about al Qaeda and its affiliates.  I’m talking about any nut-job in the world who identifies with persecuted individuals.  Whenever details about our terrorist enemies are not given in detail, then it allows other terrorists to create new reasons to harm us.  We used to give everybody who was classified a terrorist his or her “day in court.”  The Patriot Act changed all the rules.  We can now hold these people indefinitely behind bars at GTMO (still not closed, even though Obama promised to do this) and in many other “top secret” prisons around the world (run by Abu Graib-type employees), where they are “rendered” for safe-keeping.

If you are called a terrorist by the U.S. Government, then your rights as a citizen can be revoked immediately.  They don’t even have to  show you the proof they have against you!  Your mother could be a terrorist if the government says so!

Make no mistake.  There will be retribution for the unlawful operation  our government took in Pakistan to take-out the lone nut-job, Osama Bin Laden.  However, it probably won’t be coming from an official al Qaeda affiliate (even though our government might tell us this).  Any whack-o out there can now enter the arena, and I just hope they can’t get WMD to do it to us.


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