Who Really Cares about Caylee Anthony?

Caylee Anthony, Victim

With the innocent verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, once again, America missed a golden opportunity to discuss an underlying cause of family dysfunction that goes without notice on the media stage.  Just as when the late icon Michael Jackson was hauled into court several times on charges of sexual molestation of minors, only to be let off, the “hot mom,” 25-year-old Casey Anthony, was also exonerated and awaits what some “experts” are saying “instant fame and fortune.”

Most of the media wants Casey’s head on a platter.  She and the family have received death threats, and yet the underlying issue is barely being mentioned, except in the trial itself, and then only as a strategy to get their client off.

Children are often the victims in cases where the parents are sexually permissive or permiscuous.  One example was in San Diego and the trial of David Westerfield, accused of killing Danielle van Dam.  The judge in the trial dismissed the issue of the parents of Danielle being swingers as being irrelevant, even though the child had often seen her parents in various acts of sex in their garage with other partners in their swinging groups.  David Westerfield was attracted to the parents because of their status as swingers.  In the mind of any molester, a child who witnesses such dysfunction is seen as “groomed” for unnatural sex acts.  In other words, if not for the parents’ sexually permissive lifestyle, their daughter may be alive today.  However, this underlying “societal cause” of the murder was dismissed by the court, just as the media has dismissed the underlying dysfunction of the Anthony family as being a direct cause of the death of the little girl.

My hope is that somebody gets to the heart of the Anthony case by doing the following:

  1. Get psychiatric treatment/hypnosis for Casey to see what caused the multiple-personality disorder and pathological lying she exhibits.  Quite often, these are symptoms of traumatic and repeated sex abuse by one or more members of a family.
  2. Get a DNA test of both the father and his son to determine possible parentage of Caylee Anthony.  If she was a product of incest, then a legal case can be made against the parents.  The fact that the parents showed visible “shock” when their daughter was acquitted is enough to make this kind of DNA check almost mandatory.  As horrible as this may sound, the mother could have also played a willing part in the sexual molestation of Casey.
  3. Try to uncover in psychiatric analysis whether or not Casey feared for her daughter being the “next victim” in the family’s molestations.  Whoever killed Caylee becomes almost beside the point if it were the family’s sexual dysfunction that created the guilt and horror that ultimately caused her sacrificial death.

I come from a dysfunctional family, and I know that there are no boundaries, sexual or otherwise, to help the victims in the family.  The roles are frozen, and there is no democracy in such a family.  Intimacy becomes a perverted and ugly thing that causes psychological and physcial damage for years to come.

Let’s quit looking to scapegoat anybody and get to the heart of the underlying problem in this case.  Let’s have an open dialogue about sexual incest in families and the victims who must pay the toll required for such incest to continue.  Many states are keeping the toll gates open, so these kinds of cases can be prosecuted.  Don’t sweep this under the media rug.


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  1. I must admit that I was shocked by the defense “shocker” of incest. At the very least, it needs to be followed up on…if true, should be treated appropriately. The family is weird, no doubt, but incest? If it was simply a defense trick, it’s a sick and twisted one…and especially cruel to those who have actually been through it.

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