Honorable Mention in Winter Contest at New Millennium Writings

My flash fiction, “How Goes the Battle?” received Honorable Mention in the fiction contest at New Millennium Writings.  It might be published in the print edition anthology.

Here’s the letter:

Congratulations on Your
in New Millennium

       July 18, 2011

Dear James,

    Congratulations on your Honorable Mention Award
for your fine piece, “How Goes the Battle,” in the New Millennium Writings competition that closed January 31, 2011. Your name will appear on a special Awards page in our next issue of New Millennium Writings, 2012, due out next winter, along with other finalists in our 31st Consecutive Awards. The winners and runners-up, including your entry, were selected from about 1,200 total submissions in four categories. The quality was high, and you should be proud of your accomplishment. We certainly are. Feel free to forward or copy this letter to anyone, to post to blogs, Facebook, or save to other applications in order to print and or keep in a suitable format.

    By August 31, we’ll contact any Honorable Mention winners we’d like to publish. You’ll receive your free copy of next year’s issue before the end of February, hopefully much sooner.

       In answer to other frequently asked questions, no,
your good showing does not disqualify you from entering this or any other contest as often as you like, with this or any other work of your choosing. We accept non-contest general submissions in the months of January through March only. If you’re interested in our next contest, which has a deadline of July 31, 2011, please visit our website at www.writingawards.com, or follow guidelines below.

        Mostly we just want to say we appreciate your interest in New Millennium Writings and the part you play in our success. Please tell others about us. Again, congratulations on your achievement. 

Sincerely yours,

Don S.

Don Williams, Editor and



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