Steve Jobs Didn’t Create Many American Jobs

I know, Steve Jobs is still dead, and at 56, that’s pretty young to move on to your next life (he was a Buddhist).  However, I guess there’s a certain irony in the guy’s name because he decided to give most (920,000) of the jobs at Apple to his fellow Buddhists in China (Foxxconn).  Of course, he is no different than most of the corporations in America who are allowed to outsource, but I thought it was just a wee bit strange that the media was giving this fellow so much adulation as an “American hero” when he really wasn’t too interested in helping out his fellow Americans enough to give them a job.

Another interesting side note is the fact that Apple recently said it is outsourcing a new call center to Bangalore, India.  Ironically, many of the jobs require English language proficiency, so IT Americans are moving to India to get one of the jobs from Apple!  It looks like you need to be an ex-patriot to get an American job these days.


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  1. Steve Jobs was an important person, but here’s something to balance out all of the grief. Thanks.

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