New YA Novel Keeps Me Up

I shouldn’t have had that cup of coffee with the wife (not to mention the brownie).  Now I’m up doing a “new post” on my blog.  I finished a new young adult horror novel called The Necromancers or Love Zombies of San Diego.  This is my first attempt at the young adult market, and I got some help from a pro in the field, but I am still worrying about the reviews I’ll get.  Why do we writers live and die at the behest of others?  I enjoyed writing the book, I laughed, I revised, and I did the best I could (although when is ever perfectly the best?).  I’m a big boy and I know some people will like (oh, how much more meaning that word has now in the Age of Facebook) my story and some will not like it.  My wife doesn’t even like horror as a genre, but she liked my story.  I liked my story, and I do enjoy the horror genre.  What it boils down to for us authors is the fact that we need recognition that our craft “works” for the reader.  That’s all I hope for.  That the person reading my story can actually get transported into a different world for a bit and really get some enjoyment out of it.  Simple, and yet so very complex!  As we say in our program, “thanks for letting me share.”


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