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Pre-Contest Results Menapause

BooktrackOkay, it’s the day before the Hugh Howey (I keep writing “High” for “Hugh,” which is probably a Freudian slip of some kind, but never mind) Booktrack Fanfic story contest results.  I haven’t blogged in a “coon’s age,” but I needed to vent a bit before this day comes upon us.  To writers, and I am indeed one of these people, winning any kind of a contest is a step out into the stratosphere of recognition.  Certainly, the air Hugh Howey breathes is the same as mine, but one cannot get over the feeling that if one can just win that “big contest,” then all the “gods of writers” will look favorably down upon one and bestow their gifts.

Realistically, let’s just say that I’m hoping I win because of several factors:

  • I’ve won the Booktrack sponsored poetry and short story contests, and the odds that the “judges” may like my work again may be favorable.
  • The technology used at Booktrack is still new enough that the competition is perhaps less rigorous than if I had entered a conventional story contest.
  • I have used Booktrack a lot.  I enjoy the experience of adding music tracks, ambiance and sound effects to my work.  I try to write with sound in mind, so the addition of  enhanced quality to the work adds to my work and never detracts.  When done poorly, however, these “tracks” can really suck.
  • My new business (coincidentally opening the day after the contest results are in) is aimed at creating what I like to call “embellished eBooks.”  That is, we will add not only soundtracks, but also video and interaction.  In a way, I suppose, I am a competitor with Booktrack, although I hope this will not endanger my contest chances.
  • I think I can pitch an enhanced “book deal” to Hugh if I win.  This guy is a genius entrepreneur who likes to take chances, and his name affixed to one of our projects would be completely and fantastically awesome cheese.

This may be my last chance to affix my mark on the independent book market.  Father (why do they make this archetype male?  Why can’t it be “Old Hag Time,” for instance?) Time is continuing to consume my physical shell, and I stand “in awe” at the likes of Hugh Howey and all the other young authors who know how to socially make themselves appreciated by readers.  Hugh admits that there was a lot of “luck” to his hitting the right notes with his Wool series, and this is what I am hoping for in this contest.  Just a little bit of fortune on the 31st of August!

Thanks for letting me “share” my angst.


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