Create and Sell Your Romance and Erotica Through EMRE Publishing

If you’re thinking about or already sell fiction in the Romance and Erotica genres (and all the many sub-genres), then you may want to use the EMRE Publishing ePub3 Embellisher™ platform to move into an entirely different method. Here are some of the reasons why this system may help you launch a new book and/or series that will get you some added attention with your present and prospective readers.

Romance, as most authors already know, is the best-selling genre of fiction, and erotica is also making a lot of cash for its authors. The key, as most experienced authors (and I have forty years experience as an indie publisher/author) know is having an organized and systematic approach to marketing.

I don’t know what, if any, marketing approach you now use, but I know most of them. Our approach at EMRE may be new to you, but if it’s applied with “all your ducks in a row,” then you can move into a new area of romance inexpensively and attract a lot of reader attention as you launch. Here are the main reasons, and you can certainly compare them with what you’re now doing to get an idea of the approach and how much it will cost you:

The Time-Tested Breadcrumbs Approach to Marketing Your Books

  • Even if this is your first book or story, giving your reader a “taste” of what you do is the most effective way to get them signed-up to your newsletter.
  • If your mailing list is simply your private email account, and not Mailchimp or any of the other bigger list delivering systems, you still must grow it!
  • Since control of your audience (mailing list) is paramount to growing your popularity, it stands to reason you need the best way to attract new readership.
  • This is the main reason I’ve delivered my platform to the public: the need for utmost privacy, online reader security, and the innovative content to deliver to your constantly “hungry” readers, across all reading platforms, and direct to their in boxes.
  • Giving a “taste” means allowing the reader to experience your best first, meaning that you want them to sample the best you have to offer before they decide to buy.
  • Traditional methods of doing this task are social marketing, online (and in-store) book tours, and giving out free copies of what you have to offer.
  • However, with my Direct Story Tool approach to breadcrumb marketing, you can do all the above, except visiting the brick-and-mortar stores, and even more.
  • With the Embellisher™ platform, you can set-up your ducks at no cost to see first see how it works.
  • With this same ePub3 marketing platform, you can keep all the reader lists you have inside our highly secure database, or you can even supplement it with your own mailing system, such as Mailchimp, by exporting from that third-party list and importing it into your user database in the Embellisher™ platform (at admin level). Of course, you would want to inform your readership first before you move them into the ePub3 multimedia reading environment.
  • With our system, as you’ll see, your book launch can feature all you need to attract new readers, including an ePub3 (multimedia) delivery document they can read privately on any cell phone or PC device using the Embellisher eReader.

What Your First Launch ePub3 Document Can Include

  • Technically speaking, if you wished, you could include all the pages of your author’s website, which is not what this blog article is about, but I just wanted you to know that my system can handle that many pages of html copy. This platform has unlimited space you can use to load images, videos, audio files, and graphics into a single project.
  • Realistically speaking, you’ll be creating a single ePub3 document for your breadcrumb marketing approach. But what you can include should be the “tipping point” for you to decide to use our system.
  • In your first launch, you can include such items as: 1. The complete text of your story, novel, chapter, or sales document. 2. Any YouTube, Vimeo, or privately hosted video you want (including book trailers and your personal readings/greetings—literally anything in video format). 3. A complete audiobook narrative of the text portion inserted as a “playlist” inside our Creator Studio. 4. Direct links to sell at any of your third-party sales locations (online bookstores) including complete integration with the system, about which I reference in my tutorial video here. 5. Your newsletter signup form pasted into our html page in the Creator Studio (they’ll already be registered in your database inside the Embellisher™ platform (at admin level). 6. Upload of all graphics you wish to include in your Direct Story/Novel Launch. 7. A complete music playlist and/or an html exported playlist from SoundCloud or other music venue. These (and other) options are featured in the sample ePub3 documents you can view with your free registration here.
  • Also, in your first launch marketing, since our Creator Studio is java-capable, you can have any forms you need for registering your new followers who want an autographed paper copy of any of your offerings. Finally, using the handy “Authorgraph” online (free) program, you can supply personalized signature content for any books you may want to giveaway (the code can be pasted into your launch document inside the Creator Studio for the specific giveaway eBook(s) or contests).

Now That My Breadcrumbs Have Been Sprinkled, What Can I Do Now?

Because our platform is completely monetized with a backend store provided (at admin level), you can collect subscriptions for your effort and get paid, the way I do. In fact, for just $24.00 a year at admin level, you will have a private admin backdoor access, and you may integrate the entire platform onto your present website to use the launching system and take orders inside your ePub3 private sales platform as soon as you’ve uploaded your books into the admin store. That’s the idea, isn’t it? With breadcrumb marketing applied systematically using this platform, your goals should be to do the following:

  • Start an immediate “relationship” with new (and old) readers in the form of a fully developed and multimedia-supplied book launch.
  • Gain instant signups to your newsletter, and into the Embellisher system database for instantaneous delivery of future multimedia marketing materials.
  • Impress your readers by showing them what your future ePub3 romances and erotica can look like incorporating music, graphics, sound, and video (if desired).
  • Groom your readers into enjoying future multimedia eBooks while still supplying them with links to paperback, ePub, .pdf, and .mobi formats (even easier when you use outfits like and Draft2Digital, Smashwords, and Amazon).


  • You can register for free inside my eReader library right now (enter your email and password).
  • Use your same registration login and password and try-out our ePub3 Creator Studio. Tutorials are provided inside the Studio. You can also read the first blog in my series on this topic.
  • Focus on creating your first “breadcrumb” book launch document using your book cover(s), videos, audiobooks (perhaps only a chapter), and any other interactivity or giveaway features you wish to include from the above lists.
  • Beta test your book launch document (also for free with your new registration membership) with your current Mailchimp mailing list or even your private list of 50+ addresses. Ask them if they enjoy the experience and what they might want added/subtracted.
  • Finally, once you’re convinced our platform can be effective for you to develop a new book or a series, then sign-up for complete admin-level access, which will include full support and assistance.
  • My new website interface will become operational on the first of the new year 2022, so look for us then to roll-out our system in style!

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The Time to Integrate Platforms is Now, Or Getting Your Ducks in a Row

Part 2 of this series of blogs. Read Part 1 here.

This article will discuss the philosophical and strategic methods of integrating your creation, sales, and marketing platforms for your independently created books. It makes no difference what genre you work in, the same strategy must be applied. I advise the time-tested “bread crumb” strategy, whereas you produce the “sizzle” crumb to attract your audience, and then gradually work them into your wider listings, including the new ePub3 (multimedia formatted) book.

Even though I write realistic literary and historical fiction (mostly mysteries), I want to use the Romance genre in this theoretical exercise, as it’s not only the most popular independent author genre, it also has morphed into high quality sub-genres that also sell quite well. Competing with the big publishers, therefore, is quite a chore for indie authors, but they can do it if they apply the correct, carefully organized marketing techniques.

Bookfunnel and Mailchimp

In my featured tutorial, I demonstrate the integration of the best software available for independent authors, which can easily be integrated into my independent ePub3 platform, the Embellisher™ ePub3 creation, marketing, and sales platform. I use Bookfunnel because the developer/owner, Damon Courtney (video link to his “story magnet” feature in Bookfunnel), has spent as much time perfecting his platform as I have, and I use it for my work. This “story magnet” feature, by the way, can also be used to drum-up more subscriptions to the “Direct Story Tool” I will be featuring in this article. Also, since I use Mailchimp to acquire my subscriber lists, I will be mentioning it, as you can start out free until you make money and gain enough subscribers to afford a more advanced version of the platform for your mailing list.

Bread Crumb Marketing

I like to do what the “big authors do,” in that my ideas are nothing new. In the case of my marketing concept of offering a story to the present and prospective readership, author J. K. Rowling, since she was savvy enough to keep and own all her digital rights, applies basically the same technique I will be covering in this tutorial. You can see her example, The Ickabog, here. This was an upscaled (she’s a billionaire) version of what I will be teaching you. However, the same marketing strategy is applied: offer a free story to attract new readers.

Before you can sell big, you must have an audience. Fact. Before you have an audience, you must have a quality book product. Fact. This is what both the big publishers and the independent publishers (authors) have in common. If you don’t spend the time to create the quality publication, you will never keep a consistent and buying group of fans. Fact. Therefore, no amount of marketing gimmicks, including the one I’m going to show you, will guarantee anything unless you first have a quality product. This should be common sense, but you’d be surprised how many independent authors forget it and let their ego take over. There are certainly enough predators (vanity presses) out there to take advantage of these folks.

Therefore, I suggest, before getting an account at Bookfunnel, Mailchimp, or on my Embellisher platform, be certain you’re ready to “rock and roll” with a quality book and even book series. The strategy I will show you is a way to attract attention to your style and genre without giving away the store, so to speak, and to create a dynamic tension inside your reader so they want to “see what’s next.” Curiosity is always a great selling point. What’s this sly author going to present next?

Bread crumb marketing allows you to present “a new taste” of your work to new readers, whom you ideally want to become “ravenous” for your future and presently available titles. To a Romance author, this is a killer technique. When you add multimedia, you can become Cinderella!

Why ePub3 is the Best Way to Launch Your New Book or Series

When fully integrated with Bookfunnel, my Embellisher™ platform can give you the dynamic “punch” you need to attract attention from the readers in your specific genre or speciality. Why? Because, frankly, even if folks might read print books first, they are also attracted by social marketing, and this means video and audio. Therefore, using ePub3 formatted sales devices gives you an advantage over “plain Jane” authors of Romance or other genres, Fact. Once you become accustomed to developing ePub3 (free to register and try it out), you can apply my marketing theory in many different ways, including developing a fully functional ePub3 novel you can sell inside my store and market outside this store.

What is more interesting for a book launch? A dull reading at a bookstore or two-dimensional eBook handed out free, or an ePub3 developed version that has all the “bells and whistles” to attract real attention to your artistry? Naturally, you can still give away your autographed paperbacks (I do), but I’m just talking about online presence here and getting new users (younger audience, perhaps?) to learn about what you do.

How to Create Your First Launch Using Subscriptions

If you’re a developer or professional “nerd,” when you watch this tutorial portion, you can spot me making two mistakes. First, I copied the wrong URL link into the “insert story” interface on the third story I offer (I copied the promotion address from Bookfunnel). The second mistake was that I copied the third story’s information twice and deleted it during the tutorial. I left these mistakes in the video because I wanted you to see that even “old pros” such as I can make mistakes, and that one must always do a “dry run” of any application one creates (learned that in the Navy also).

I would also enjoy hearing from you as to how your specific genre might benefit from this application and what you would do specifically to focus on your art. Please email me directly and post your comments here. Here are the brainstorms I had for promoting a Romance book or series launch with ePub3 at the heart:

  • Add multimedia to the story (with romantic videos, music playlists, and graphics). See examples of what can be done inside the Embellisher eReader platform—free registration.
  • Include buy links inside the story to the specific romance titles that fit the story line I’ve added.
  • Use coupon codes (available at the Embellisher Admin subscription level of $24.00 per year).
  • Follow-up your story or book chapter subscriber promo with additional promotions featuring sales of your newest title coming out.

You may now view my tutorial and presentation on creating your first Direct Story promotion here. It’s the second video. You may also download this video for later viewing on your own computer.

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Free for Indie Authors: Hell of a Course

Technology is changing fast. To keep up with the increasing competition from big publishing companies, I’m offering to show independent authors a way to establish a brand and deliver their products directly to their readers. Yes, I said “directly,” as this is what big publishing has difficulty doing with any great success. Why? Simply because they have neither the time nor money to spend on a system like this for most of their authors. Certainly, the Stephen Kings, J. K. Rowlings, and big celebrities will always be catered to and given the expensive book signings around the country and possibly the world. This is not the purpose of my course. My course will show independent authors, who have little or no money, or prestigious reputations, other than their work on the page that they want to deliver directly to their readers. In fact, this D2R (Direct to Reader) is one of the few advantages we independents have over big publishing and the “monetary dominance” they have over us.

How Big Publishers Play the Game Today

I have been working in independent publishing for over forty years. I was also a professor of English Composition and Literature for twenty-five years. The main practical lesson I’ve learned in both academic and publishing settings is this: to win at the game, one must learn how to go above and beyond what your competition is doing. For example, as an academic adjunct, without a contract at one university or college, I wanted to obtain grants to do my computer publication work. At the local college level in San Diego County, the Alvin Toffler phenomenon held true. This was the last stronghold of the “Feudal” management style. Since these colleges were controlled and run by “contract teachers,” for the most part, they were not about to give local money or grants to “mere adjunct employees” such as myself. So, to get a grant, I became a grant writer on my own and went above the local districts to the top: the California State Department of Education, as well as to private grants on the local, state, and national levels. I discovered that not only was there more opportunity to earn money in the form of grants, but these grants were also larger, more prestigious, and more practical than the local colleges offered.

I took this practical knowledge into the private sector when I retired.

Have you ever wondered, after reading one of the “new author” books, why they got so many reviews on Amazon, so many “super-hyped” accolades from the mainstream “author circuit,” and press, but, when you read the work, it seemed to be sub-par and pedestrian as far as quality? In some instances, you thought to yourself, my work is better than that. Why aren’t I able to get this kind of support?

Here’s what big publishers know (and these facts are satirized in the superb Hell of a Book, a Novel, by Jason Mott, which recently won the National Book Award):

  • It costs them less to get a newly “discovered author,” hype his/her work with fancy covers, hyperbolic praise, algorithmically canned reviews, and a “grand signing tour,” than it is to put that time and effort into supporting the author’s career and understanding the importance of the work itself (as quality).
  • It pays more to get the author “into the public eye” than it does to discuss what the actual book is about or what controversial topic it may contain. In fact, “controversy” has become a red flag in most of the big publishing houses, especially in the world of fiction (I had some of my biggest laughs and tears reading Mr. Mott’s novel about this aspect of big publishing.)
  • While it may be the author’s main purpose to discuss the important and human issues in his/her work, this is only important to the publisher if it makes them money.

How Indies Must Play the Game

To compete with the above knowledge and practice, independent authors must concentrate on selling directly to their reader. I know. This sounds too simple to be true. Not if you’ve worked at Caltech/NASA/JPL it doesn’t. What I learned working there as the Supervisor of Management Development in the 1980s was this: the more complex the language and process becomes, the more chance there is for mistakes to be made. That’s the idea behind “Occam’s Razor.” The simplest answer is usually the best.

Therefore, after forty years in the indie game, I believe I’ve hit upon a method for independent success against the big publishers. I’m not necessarily talking about money success, although this can happen. I am talking about a practical method of setting up, delivering, and following methods that can return results for the specific author and what he/she must deliver to his/her end user (the reader). In other words, the independent author who can continue an ongoing relationship with the reader without spending too much “time and effort.”

So, here’s what I have learned, and what my course will teach you in the way of my forty years of experience failing and succeeding at the independent method of publication:

  • Since an independent author cannot afford the hyperbolic and technical control over the playing field of distribution and marketing, he/she must work at putting together a quality book, first and foremost. Not a “hell of a book,” as Mr. Mott satirizes, but a book that contains a purpose and meaning that the reader can take to heart and from which they can learn something they didn’t know before they read it. I realize I’m stepping on a lot of toes here. Mainly, all the “escapist” literature out there. So be it. I still believe unless the author has an enduring work that can stand on its own as far as delivering something purposeful and intelligent for the reader, he/she will not last very long. Go ahead. Argue with me. That’s okay.
  • There are “tools” to assist the independent author as he/she finally wants to deliver his/her quality book(s) directly to the reader. I will be showing you these tools and how you can use them to accomplish this D2R task.
  • All these tools must be set-up in a specific and logical order for this “plan” to work. This will not only save the independent author time and effort, but it will also pay-off in directly relations with your audience, which is the most important factor of success for the independent artist/creator.


How I Will Play This Game with You

Most of my time with you will be spent recording and demonstrating the tools you’ll need to distribute and market your quality product(s). These are the tools I’ll be covering in the final video demonstration portion of this free course:

But first, you must go through the portion of the course that is ultimately not “free,” but it will launch you into a new method of delivering D2R products that will make your work “cutting edge” and give you a way to gain instant attention from your readership. It will also expand your marketing dollar once you’ve established your brand using the tools and tutorials mentioned above.

When I say it’s not “free,” I mean once you’ve mastered the publication tools in my Embellisher Creator and eReader Admin platforms, you’ll be able to integrate them with the tools you’ve learned to use before, namely Mailchimp, Bookfunnel, and all the readership ad and traffic platforms. In other words, the best way to launch a new book or a series is to already have a mailing list of interested readers of at least a thousand in number. Then, when you can show them a new technology (such as the ePub3 multimedia book), they will be more inclined to believe you’re in it for the long haul, as you’re keeping up with the newest technological developments of delivery systems.

To begin, please register for a free account inside the Embellisher platform here. Go to the place (upper-right) where the arrow is pointing and login with your email and password. This gives you a basic account (non publisher), but you’ll still be able to access the Creator software here by putting in the same email/password combo. You can also reach the editing software by clicking on the little “pen icon” on the top navigation bar.

If some of you are already “antsy” about this new method of independent publishing, then you can sign-up for $1.00 per month (each platform) or $24.00 per year for both platforms. Once you pay, I will go into the admin section and give you full “Publisher rights and all eBooks free” status. This means that once you’ve mastered the following tutorials on how to use the EMRE platform, you can begin selling your ePub3 books right away! In addition, when I post the tutorials on using Mailchimp, Bookfunnel, etc. tools, you will also be able integrate them with your mastery of the Embellisher platforms, and I will move your status into the “Admin” category, where you can use the backend marketing section of my software (covered in my tutorial to follow). Please be aware that there are additional features that have been added to the Embellisher platform since these tutorials were created. These new features you will see when you access the Creator Studio with your free account. Among them are the following:

  • Video Playlist (Vimeo or self-loaded) insert.
  • YouTube Playlist insert.

In addition, when you purchase admin rights, you’ll also be able to add “custom categories” to your sales offerings. This means that instead of the default “book genres” listed in your free version on the reader’s desktop, you can type-in a list of your own categories for your specific customers. For example, say you’re running an online school. You can have course listed as categories from which your students may choose to enroll and access his/her books.

Tutorials on Using Embellisher ePub3 Creator Studio, Marketing Tools, and Admin Side of the eReader Platform

  1. Tutorial #1 (How to load a Template in the Creator Studio)
  2. Tutorial #2 (How to use the “insert story” feature in the Creator Studio)
  3. Tutorial #3 (How to insert audio playlists in the Creator Studio)
  4. Tutorial #4 (How to insert YouTube playlists in the Creator Studio)
  5. Tutorial #5 (How to use the Forum inside the Embellisher eReader)
  6. Tutorial #6 (How to use the social sharing Tweet in the Creator Studio)
  7. Tutorial #7 (How to promote your book products to your specific audience Step 1)*
  8. Tutorial #8 (How to promote your book products to your specific audience Step 2)*
  9. Tutorial #9 (How to promote your book products to your specific audience Step 3)*
  10. Tutorial #10 (How to promote your book products to your specific audience Step 4)*
  11. Tutorial #11 (How to promote your book products to your specific audience Step 5)*
  12. Tutorial #12 (How to promote your book products to your specific audience Step 6)*

*These tutorials are for persons who’ve gained admin access to the marketing backend by purchasing an upgrade.


This concludes the first portion of my free online course. In the next blog post, I’ll be demonstrating how to use the tools mentioned (Mailchimp, Bookfunnel, and social ads/marketing distribution outlets).

Thanks for your attention, and best of luck with your own creation and marketing efforts. I hope I’ve assisted that effort in some way.

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10 Reasons Why the Embellisher eReader is Best


10 Reasons Why the Embellisher™ eReader is Best

1.  The Embellisher™ eReader is the only eReader that flawlessly plays music playlists and soundtracks, and gives the reader complete control over what plays while she reads.

2.  The Embellisher™ eReader is the only eReader that includes an Author and Reader Forum where the reader can ask questions of authors, share reviews, and even form book clubs.

3.  The Embellisher™ eReader is the only eReader that play videos flawlessly and is not limited by the size constraints of other eReaders.

4.  The Embellisher™ eReader is the only eReader that can access “choose your own adventure” eBooks, which can only be created inside the ePub3 Creator Studio (also part of the Embellisher™ app premium installation).

5.  The Embellisher™ eReader is the only eReader that allows readers to say what they want the author to create through the Author and Reader Forum, and see it happen as the author can instantly update her creation before the reader’s very eyes.

6.  The Embellisher™ eReader is the best eReader because it allows the reader to switch smoothly between every mobile device she owns and can even save her place.

7.  The Embellisher™ eReader is the best eReader because it accesses all the advantages of ePub3 formatted books:

Styling and layout enhancements (general CSS enhancements, enhanced font/typography support, and fixed-layout support),

Global language support (vertical writing, R-L page progression direction, phonetic annotation, etc.)
Rich media and interactivity (audio, video, scripting)

Accessibility features (better semantics, pronunciation hints, synchronizing pre-recorded media with text display, mathematics etc.).

8.  The Embellisher™ eReader is the best eReader because it was built from the “ground up” using the Readium open source code, which gives EMRE Publishing’s developers the greatest flexibility in creating new additions to the app.

9.  The Embellisher™ eReader is the best eReader because it gives its authors 85% of the book’s retail price in royalties.  EMRE Publishing wants to give authors the credit and payment they deserve.

10.  The Embellisher™ eReader titles are distributed world-wide through the system of retailers, giving readers the chance to read the best and the latest non-fiction and fiction titles available.

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Authors can win $1,000 and premium acces

Authors can win $1,000 and premium access, and 85% royalties for their ePub3 creation. @pubslush @ibpa #contests

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Business Budget Embellisher eReader App

Business Budget Embellisher eReader App Plan Instructions – EMRE Publishing #mobilepublishing #apps @ibpa @pubslush

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