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Two Released from North Korea, but What about the 30,000 in the U.S.?


Despite the chance for humor on the Daily Show, as we see Bill Clinton escorting two young Asian reporters back to the United States from North Korea, there are serious issues that aren’t being addressed right here at home.  Isn’t North Korea supposed to be the bad guy?  Well, in case you didn’t know, our Homeland Security incarceration facilities house over 30,000 people who were trying to escape countries like North Korea to come to what they thought was the “land of the free.”

However, ever since the establishment of the Patriot Act and the implementation of Homeland Security, the rights of people have been disappearing each day.  Did you read the report by Amnesty International?  This report gives specific cases of keeping immigrants incarcerated without a trial and without bail for up to four years!  Illegal immigrants are no longer being deported, they are being thrown in jail–at taxpayers’ expense.

I think we should “clean our own house” before we make such a big deal about two journalists who were admittedly in a country illegally.  If Al Gore and Bill Clinton spent as much effort freeing immigrants to this country who just wanted “freedom,” then perhaps our country would be looked upon more favorably by the world community.  Right now, all we seem to be doing is invading countries, taking pot shots with killer drones and arresting anybody who tries to enter this country to seek refuge.  That doesn’t sound like the “land of the free” to me.


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