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One Line Says it All

I read the following line in the NY Times this morning, and it told me all about what’s going to happen with the so-called “Military Pull-Out” following elections in Iraq:  “Kirkuk and the restive Kurdish area in the north remain major concerns for American military planners.”

What about Kirkuk and Kurdish areas?  Hmm.  Let’s see.  Oh yeah, I remember.  American oil companies have, during the last few years, made “oil exploration contracts” with the Kurds to the tune of billions of dollars.  Also, the Kirkuk area is the main oil region in Iraq, and it’s the main reason we’re in the bloody country in the first place!  Obama does not plan to give in, and he will, as a result, not be leaving Iraq any time soon, despite his campaign pledge.  He didn’t close Gitmo, he hasn’t stopped the Patriot Act, and he hasn’t closed the secret “Foreign Prison Camps” where captured insurgents are tortured and “interrogated.”  Also, why do you think we’re in Afghanistan now?  To free the peace and freedom loving citizens?  Nope.  It’s dope.  It’s no small wonder the recent “recapture” of Marja took place.  Like oil, dope brings to its controllers a lot of ready “cash.”  Now that the West has loosened restrictions on the growth and cultivation of the profitable poppy, we need to protect it from the “bad drug czars” who might use that cash against us.  It’s strange, isn’t it, that when we weren’t in Afghanistan, and the evil Taliban was in control, the heroin trade was almost nil in these regions.  Could it be the West has a big drug appetite?  Please read my earlier blog about prescription drug deaths in the U.S.

Oh well.  Another one term president.  Coupled with the disasterous health care insurance company give-away, our continued stay in the Middle East will certainly spell doom for Mister Obama and his cronies.  Hopefully, the country will be ready to vote for a real progressive, like Dennis Kusinich, who has the cleanest hands around when it comes to all this messy business.  I say a ticket of Feingold and Kusinich or Kusinich and Feingold would do this country justice for the next presidential election.  The Republican option will just put the nails in our collective coffins.


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